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Help choosing accent color for wedding

Hi, I'm scheduled for a small intimate wedding at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau in late January and the primary color for the wedding theme is white. We want to add some color so it's not so white. At first we were going to go for marine blue, but it seemed too dark. We went to review some swatches at David's Bridal, and we're torn between cornflower blue, and regency purple. We are getting married with the ocean as the backdrop, and most of the photos will be with the ocean in the background. The color would be for the parties dresses/ties/flowers and favor colors to integrate. I love both of these colors, but wondering what would look the best for photos?

Re: Help choosing accent color for wedding

  • I think you could do navy & coral with the white and it would be really pretty 
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    Well since there are hardly any true blue flowers you really can't match your flowers with your blue color.  You can coordinate though with pinks or oranges or purples.

    As for which color to pick that is really a personal choice.  Have you asked your wedding party what color they prefer?  They may be more drawn to one color then another since they have to wear it.

  • Hi Maggie, That's part of the issue as I have shown all the people that are coming to ask them their thoughts. Each time I get the same response, "They are both beautiful colors and which ever one you choose we will love it." Granted, I love that they are so easy going with the colors, but I do care about their preferences. Sandals is limited to colors both my sweetie and I do not really like. We went with the Vision in White pre-design theme that we plan to slightly alter, but we know we will have to bring in or ship in a few color coordinated items. Now I'm debating on integrating them both. purple flowers, blue ribbons, purple dresses, blue men's ties.
  • I would ask the wedding party. My bridesmaids played a big role in picking my colors and it made it easier for me at least (but I"m not really one to care so much about different shades and tones). From the 2 choices you gave though, I'd go for the purple. There'd already be a lot of blue in your photos from the ocean, it might be nice to complement that rather than add more blue and it'd probably make your bridesmaids stand out more in photos.

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  • I would probably do white, khaki/tan and accent it with light blue, yellow or green. I think that'd be pretty beachy.

  • I think both PPs offer great suggestions.  If you're torn, ask your MOH.  Don't ask the entire wedding party, because you'll never get a consensus (this is a mistake I made).  You'll never get a consensus if you ask everyone.
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    I think the purple would "pop" more in your photos, but either would be nice.

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    I tend to think of blue and white as more "beachy", but I agree with PP that the purple would probably pop more in pictures.  I guess it is a personal decision and depends on what you are looking for.  Below are some blue and white weddings:
    sunset destin beach wedding
    Blue Beach Wedding for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
    Versus white and purple:
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