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Babies on RSVPs

Why do people not include their babies on RSVP cards???? I put everyone's infants on the envelopes, and I want to make sure I have an extra spot at tables with babies, so there's room for a stroller, carrier, or highchair (which I have to rent separately).... but everyone keeps responding with just their names on the RSVP card! So then I follow up just to make sure, and of course, yes, they are bringing their baby. So weird! I mean, if you write in your baby's name on the card, I'm not going to get confused and accidentally order your 4 month old a steak. Hahaha. Whatever.

But for future reference, put your baby's name on the RSVP card if you're bringing them! Right??

Re: Babies on RSVPs

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    Oh man, absolutely. Are those parents prepared to hold their little ones the entire time when they arrive and find no seating space for baby? That's what they'll get for not including them!

    Luckily all of my such guests wrote in 3 for number attending and only selected 2 meals. Pretty easy to figure out. 

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    I think a lot of people just don't consider that babies count towards the total headcount (I guess since they are small and don't eat adult food).  Of course those people are completely wrong and that their little baby also needs a space of his/her own as well as the whole fire code occupancy issue.

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    Surely you don't mean MY baby because MY baby is the exception to EVERY rule!  I mean, have you seen him?  He's a 4 week old genius! :)
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    I will give props to one of my guests. He not only wrote in the baby's name, he added parenthesis "(8 months)". Hahaha. PERFECT! GOLD STAR TO YOU, SIR. Highchair rented and let me send some extra cake to your table.
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