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11 months......

until my wedding and I haven't stepped foot into a wedding dress store. I have looked plenty on-line and even printed out ones I am interested in. I had a friend tell me I would be fine waiting until 6 months before my wedding date to find a dress. Is she crazy? I have read typical time frame is 12-10 months? I was thinking of going in November/December, which would be 7-8 months. I'm I crazy?

Re: 11 months......

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I think 6 months is pushing it. If you are ordering from a bridal boutique and not from say David's Bridal then you should probably order no later then 9 months out. Waiting too long could limit your choices, cause you to pay rush fees or even leave you with buying a sample off the rack. ETA: Also keep in mind that it sometimes takes a few trips to the salons to find your dress. So if you know you can be an indecisive person you would want to start a bit earlier then you think you should.

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    I purchased my dress in late January. It came in to the salon in June. I've been told that's pretty standard, but you might want to check with each individual salon. 

  • I ordered in March and picked up in May, but it was a small, local store. I also think 6 months is pushing it. 
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Also remember it isn't really store dependent as it is designer dependent.  Some designers can turn around a dress faster then others.  So when you go make sure to ask which designers are the one's you can definitely get before you start trying stuff on.

  • Remember that you will need to allow time for any alterations also.  
  • I haven't started shopping yet but will start at the 12 month mark. I'm concerned about the points the PPs brought up. I'd say start shopping October the latest for your dress. 
  • In my experience looking online is pretty useless. Until you're actually in the dress it's hard to tell. I'd look now, or September. Why do you want to wait?
  • Depends on what you want.  I bought mine 10 months out, and had started looking 12 months out.  My dress is taking 6 months to come in.  Then I will need time for alterations.  
    I would start looking and trying on styles.  What I liked on line is not what I went with.  Once you start trying them on you might find a different style is what really suits you.
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    I purchased my dress in January and it came in in July. It is a Mori Lee and I've heard that it is standard. Remember, it will dependent on the designer but I wouldn't wait until 6 motnhs out because you will also likely need alterations. 

  • All good, valid points!! Thanks everyone!!

  • I bought my dress 3-15 and it just got here about 1 week ago but my veil is not in yet so even if the dress comes in some of your accessories (belt, veil) could take longer. Why wait? Unless you are planning on losing or gaining a significant amount of weight I say go for it!  
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