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Meet and Greet: Bally's Suite

Hello everyone and happy planning! My fiance's parents have offered to host a Meet and Greet the night before our wedding and are considering booking a suite in Bally's and ordering room service (finger food and drinks) for the event. We have viewed their room service menu online and found the prices to be VERY reasonable. Do any of you have experience with this venue, or are you considering it for your big day as well? Thanks for your input! :)

Re: Meet and Greet: Bally's Suite

  • As of last week the entire front area of the casino/hotel was under construction. 
  • Yes there is a TON of construction. When is your wedding? Based on the signs, most of it should be done late fall.
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  • Can't say I have anything useful to contribute but would love to see some pics if you do it. I stayed at Ballys about six years ago before they had remodeled the suite tower and it was REALLY run down at the time, but supposedly they have remodeled the place since then and it's nice now.

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  • Oh, goodness! I wasn't aware of the construction! My wedding isn't until next August, so I'm sure it will be completed by then, but it still feels good to be kept in the loop about these kinds of things. The last time I visited it was really run down as well, so I'm hoping the construction will do it some more good. 

    I know that Bally's hasn't been a top destination for quite some time now, but their room service menu is seriously too good to be true. Additionally, we get a discount on all rooms booked at Bally's since our wedding will be in Paris. I'm still a bit hesitant, though, and would love to hear some personal experience with this venue before we go through with booking it. 

    Thanks for the quick responses!! :)
  • I've stayed there once last year. It was pretty run down but the positive was we were able to use the Flamingo pool. Since then, I choose to just stay at Flamingo as the rooms are nicer. I have been thinking about having my Welcome Cocktails at their Tequila and Taco bar. If I remember correctly, they were a great deal! 
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  • Thanks for the input! I will look into the Flamingo for my Meet and Greet as well. :)
  • I was thinking of doing the same thing at Bally's.  However it does sound kind of run down.  What are some fun inexpensive options for a meet n greet?  Bally's just has large enough rooms to host. 
  • I am thinking Diablo's, PBR rock bar or I have heard Hard Rock (on the strip) is good. Would love to hear other ideas. 
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  • Missbruiser, just so you know, Bally's doesn't have large suites anymore. When my fiance's parents called them to reserve a suite big enough for our party of 50, they redirected them to either Planet Hollywood or Caesar's. :/
  • @americankorean Thanks for the update.  Can't wait till the scouting trip in Oct.  
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