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Bridesmaid Dresses who are you using

I am having a heck of a time picking out dresses. I am trying to stay around the $150 mark... thought it'd be fun to see who everyone was using. 

Re: Bridesmaid Dresses who are you using

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    Your first step should be asking each of your BMs privately what their budget will be. Then, use the lowest budget and find a dress in that price mark. 

    What length and material are you going for? That will make a difference.

    I'm using full length chiffon from and they are around $200+. Shorter dresses will cost less.

  • I used David's Bridal out of convenience. I have one bridesmaid living in a different state and I knew everyone had different amounts that they'd want to spend.

    I told them to get Marine (another shade of Navy), short/knee length dresses, no satin. One got her dress for $50, one around $90, and three others between $100-150. I made sure that there were many options under $100 for them to choose from.

  • I used Ann Taylor. Navy, silk georgette, knee length. They have 40% the site sales several times a year, so we just waited until one came up and ordered the dresses for about $165/ea. None needed alterations.

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    You definitely need to ask your BMs. $150 might not sound like a lot, but for a dress they'll probably never wear again, it is. 

    Would you consider doing the mismatch look? I had two BMs and said knee length and navy with nude shoes. One spent $200 and one spend $12 on clearance at the Gap. They looked fabulous next to each other This meant everyone got to pick their budget and style and no headache for me.

    Edit: for the record, I hate David's Bridal. They are overpriced and not really re-wearable. I would highly reccommend or if you do want matching dresses since they are more affordable.
  • David's Bridal.

  • I'm looking into David's Bridal, Alfred Angelo, and a local shop.
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    I'm using Alfred Sung.

    I only have 1 bridesmaid and I bought her dress for her. It looks amazing on her and she can wear a regular bra!

  • Another Alfred Sung girl here, all different styles. They all came in around $175-200 though.

  • I'm going with Dessy, a little over the budget you wanted.

    I second that ModCloth is a great place to shop for inexpensive but pretty dresses, but they often only have really small amounts of stock, so it's best to look at the time that everyone's ready to buy.

    I love the mismatched looked personally, and I think it's the best way of making your ladies happy.  Honestly, no one wants to pay for a dress they'll never wear again, but at least this way there's a chance they'll be able to.  
  • Hey sorry. I did check with them all $150 is the budget. As the day has gone on I was able to get a deal with a store and town and doing a David Levkoff dress for that.. Just wanted to see what everyone else had done. I couldn't do Modcloth they do not carry very many sizes and I do have two plus size gals. Thanks for the input!
  • my pick was from bonton 88.50
  • Davids Bridal since both BM's live in different states than me. One got a dress for about $75, the other $140. We did length/color/material--short/horizon blue/chiffon.
  • My girls are using little borrowed dress. Its a rental bridesmaid website! I ordered one ahead of time to check out quality/sizing and they sent 3 dresses for 1 rental price so i could see. My wedding is in 1 month, and I am so glad with how easy it was!
  • Mine are Wtoo dresses
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  • I got mine from Macy's --- they are Ralph Lauren "Lauren" and look fabulous. They were around $115. 
  • Rent the runway was a GREAT idea.  I wish I had thought of it.  

    We went with David's Bridal for convenience.  I gave them a color and let them decide. MOH could do whatever she wanted length wise and material wise.  2 Bridesmaids (my sister and daughter) could decide amongst themselves what looked good material and length wise.  We ended up all going together.  They all got short and all do plan to wear them again (like they already have the events picked out and my sister almost wore hers - or did and didn't tell me yet- before the wedding).  MOH is Satin and looks great, 2 BM are chiffon... and it just worked out that way with what looked good on them.  

    They did NOT all look good in the same dress (their idea to try, not mine). They range in age from 23-49 and tiny to busty so very different bodies.  With different dresses they look much more cohesive than they did in the same dress which accentuated their differences.  Just something for others to think about. :)
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  • We went with Sorella Vita, which was within the budget all three ladies gave me. They each picked a satin cocktail length dress in a specific colour. They each chose a dress that suited their shapes and that they were comfortable in. The dresses they chose were $180, $225, and $279 (CAD).
  • I did David's, which was a headache from day 1. I hate that place! But, the dresses ranged from $30-150 and they could pick any style they wanted.

    If I could have a redo I would've done Rent the Runway. I used them three times now and it's just so much cheaper and easier and the dresses are gorgeous! Also, Target has a line for BMs too that is reasonably priced if your wedding is a bit more casual.

    I have a closet full of ... interesting?.. BM dresses from the past that I wish I didn't and so I was a little more sympathetic towards my girls. I don't care how many times you repeat "you can always cut it short and wear it again" it's probably not going to be true. I have a $300 satin baby blue dress with pickups & a train that I will most certainly never ever ever be cutting short & wearing again. Did I mention it came with a quarter inch thick gray sash sewed in so everyone looked like they were shaped like a box instead of having a waist?

  • I too went with David's Bridal. All four girls are wearing different dresses, but all in the same material and color - Marine.The most expensive was $140.
  • I used

    I was satisfied with the quality and the service. They are honest on the fact that they don't take in charge custom fees which they advertise on their website.
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  • I'm using Little Borrowed Dress as well for the rentals since they are only $75. I don't want them to have to pay for an expensive dress they will never wear again. 
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