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Corrupted wedding photos

Hi Ladies,

My DH and I got married a month ago. We received a link to our wedding photos last Friday and realized that our group family formal pics and some pics of the two of us in one location at the venue were missing. So, I responded to her email to tell her that we loved the photos we saw (which we do) but inquired about the missing photos. Yesterday, she emailed me back apologizing, saying that the memory card the photos in question were on somehow got corrupted and that she tried "everything under the sun" to try to recover them and was unsuccessful. She offered us some options by way of credits toward prints or family photo shoots or some cash back. Our package cost $3000 (the top of our budget) for the photographer for 8 hours plus a discount on an album. They day of the wedding, she did a phenomenal job. We did get about 700+ photos and they are great.

We are not sure how to handle this....
1. I feel that this sort of issue warrants notification via phone rather than email (most of our communication was through email throughout the process)
2. These are photos that no one has - people take pics of the ceremony, cake cutting, first dance, reception, etc... but these family formal pics were solely taken by our photographer (it even states that she have the exclusive rights to photograph these types of shots)
3. I'm not sure why she didn't inform us immediately that some photos (I wouldn't expect her to know which exact photos) were lost due to a corrupted memory card rather than "rushing" to get the other photos to us - this is a big issue for my DH and I.
4. Having her do family photo shoots with all of our different families is impossible since they are live all over the east coast.
5. These family photos were some of the most important photos for us because our families are all over the place, it is rare for each family to be in one place. And no one in our family has these photos.


Has this ever happened to anyone? Brides? Photographers?

How did you handle it?

Thank you for your input!

Re: Corrupted wedding photos

  • What does your contract say? Does it say selected images or ALL images? Does it have a clause covering defective equipment?

    1. I don't see how a phone call would have made a difference. Sorry.
    2. That sucks, it really does and you a re right to be disappointed.
    3. If her package contract says "selected images" she might have hoped you wouldn't notice they weren't included. Some of the shot I was hoping for did not turn out and my photog didn't say anything about them until I asked about them.
    4 & 5 totally sucks. I wish there was a way to get the images back.

    What do you think is fair? I would ask for a monetary credit. She did get the majority of the day. She also got all the ceremony shots - which most people would be more upset about not getting those. I could probable ask for the album for free instead oft he discount or print credit.

    You won't get a full refund unless her contract was really awful. I would read the contract and make sure she is covered in it for these types of accidents - which I expect she is - and then decide what you think would be fair. I'm sorry you didn't get all the images, but it's good that the other 700 are great :) GL!
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • So a situation like this actually occurred with my photographers at their wedding. They got some images because 2 memory cards were used however one card something happened and the images and/or the card was destroyed. Sometimes these things happen and unfortunately there's nothing anyone can really do about those lost images. You just sort of have to do what you feel is good for you. It sounds like your photographer is trying to make things right by offering a refund, print credits ect.
  • @lookame3639‌ she definitely is trying to make things right so we are appreciative of that. Just unfortunate that it had to be those particular family pics. We are definitely happy with all the pics we did get.
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