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Playing parents wedding song

I would like to play my parents wedding song at my wedding and have my parents and my fiancé and I to dance with them. Just us two couples on the dance floor because my parents are the idle couple of a loving, lasting marriage. However I don't want to offend my future mother-in-law but it is hard to include her because she is divorced and has been for many years and is single not bringing a date. Should I just not do it or is there a way to not offend mother in law? Anyone ever do this? Plus I know it would mean the world to my parents plus bring up wonderful memories of their wedding day.

Re: Playing parents wedding song

  • I wouldn't make it a spotlight dance. It's a nice idea to play their song for them, but I think I'd keep the dance floor open to all, rather than highlighting you and them only.

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  • It's a great idea. Picture this:

    The song is announced and dedicated to your parents - also mentioning how many years they've been married.  They are encouraged to come to the dance floor, along with you & hubby .... AND everyone please join in and enjoy the dance.  Your MIL (and anyone) can and will feel welcome to be on the dance floor.  Now, or when the song is over, you hug your parents, and whisper to them  "you two are our inspiration for a loving long lasting couple.  We love you" <3
  • Nice touch. My mum and dad are still more loved up than ever too but I agree with the last post. Try not to make it all on you family everyone else would like to join in x 
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