Are you using a videographer??

This seems to be one of the first expenses people cut. I'm torn. Do I spend more money on a really good photographer or put the money somewhere else? How often will I really sit down and watch my wedding video? Will I want my future kids to see it? Will I regret not getting it? 

Does anyone have any recommendations in Pocono area? I'd rather not put a friend in charge for the day.

Re: Are you using a videographer??

  • Hello "Bride2b"
           A Wedding Film, IMO, is very important.  It used to be only 30% of couples get a video.  Though things have changed a lot in the past few years.  Its not the old style anymore.  Not boring at all and you will certainly watch it way more then you would think.  Its expensive, yes, but priceless as the years pass by.  Photography is awesome and certainly you need to get that but photos can't capture moments like a film can.  You can't look at a photo and see your grandmother dancing, or watch one of your bridesmaids diving for the bouquet.  Its an additional expense but money well spent.  As for suggestions, Bar None Weddings are amazing and so creative. I hope this helps in your decision.    
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