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Has anyone done pre cana through St. Christopher on the Eastern Shore? Just want to know what to expect. My Dad still harps on the fact that my mom's priest specifically scheduled a group session on the redskins/ dallas cowboys game in 1986 to see if the husbands were "truly ready" for marriage, and spent a ton of time teaching them how to write a check even though my Dad was 26, owned his own home and ran his own business. Other than that, i don't know that many people that have done this through a Catholic church. Is it still being done in group? Weekly sessions? Tahnks MD knotties :)

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    I have done Pre-Cana in Western MD outside of Frostburg. My wedding is in Frederick County and I live in PA (5 mins above the MD state border). But because my Catholic Church is apart of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I had to schedule my meeting with their churches and ended driving 2 hours one way to one. 

    It you haven't done so already, schedule a Pre-Cana meeting NOW. Dates book up incredibly fast. I was lucky to get a date in September around in August; otherwise I would have to wait until January and risk driving in snow.

    Pre-Cana is done online, two sessions (on weekends), or on a weekend retreat. There will be a "survey" you will take and it gets forwarded to your priest for a follow up interview. I will warn you... Priests do not like neutral answers on that survey and will question you during the interview.
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