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RSVPs Online?

My fiance and I are a tight budget (as I'm sure most of you are) so we are trying to cut unnecessary expenses. We were thinking about having people RSVP online either through our website on or via email. Our parents don't like the idea but they are also very traditional when it comes to wedding planning.  What do you all think?

Re: RSVPs Online?

  • I'd be afraid of people not being technology-inclined enough to do it or forgetting to and that your numbers will be off for food and stuff.
  • I am planning on having my guests reply on my website too. My strategy is to start showing people early and being very proactive in getting responses. I am also considering including a limited number of RSVP cards for my more conservative family members (grandparents, etc). I think by making it about looking at the website for all the other information I included there, it will be natural for guests to RSVP there too. 
  • I haven't used it myself but I've heard a few times that there's issues with TK rsvps getting lost. I would have a back-up just in case and give yourself plenty of time to track people down if you haven't heard anything.
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  • We're lucky in that most of our guests are pretty tech-savvy and could easily handle an online RSVP. We've already been telling guests that we know we're inviting to visit our wedding website now so they know some of the details as early as possible (there's traveling involved for many guests). They already know ahead of time that they can RSVP there, even if we haven't sent out invitations yet. I could see how this might not work for everyone, but if you think that it would be easy for your guests (and easy on the wallet!), then I say go for it! I do like the above suggestion of a limited number of RSVP cards for more conservative family members that may not have an easy time RSVPing online.. I may do that for our grandparents!
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