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Mystery Gifts

I'm planning to spend this long weekend doing my all thank yous. However, two of the physical gifts we received have no clues as far as who they are from. Same wrapping paper so I assume they are from the same person/people. I thought I could check the registry and it would tell me who purchased it but no such luck. I also though maybe it was one of the cards that were empty but that isnt a safe assumption ( there were tw) but some had checks and physical gift.

Any suggestions?

Re: Mystery Gifts

  • Have you been keeping a list at all of who got you what? Could you compare the list with the two gifts from the unknown giver and see if you can at least narrow down the possibilities?

    Where did you register at? I can't believe the registry didn't tell you who got you what. All three of ours clearly labeled which gifts came from whom in our thank you manager. Or at least they have so far...

  • We registered at Target. I couldn't find that info anywhere. We put feelers out though and MIL just called and told me it was her sister. Problem solved!
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