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Meet and Greet: Caesar's Suite

My fiance's parents just reserved the Caesar's Forum Tower Emperor Suite for our Meet the Greet the night before our wedding. We originally planned to hold the event in a Bally's suite but found out via a hospitality representative that the recent remodeling included getting rid of the large suites. Have any of you had any experience with this location? I know it will be much nicer than Bally's, but I'm a bit worried about the room service prices. Thanks! :)

Re: Meet and Greet: Caesar's Suite

  • No input on experience...but a resounding BOO! Why would hey get rid of their big suites?
  • I'm not sure. It looks like they're trying to focus on making Bally's more of a shopping destination rather than a hotel at this point which kind of makes sense considering how run down it has become. When my fiance's parents called them to reserve a suite, they were like "Bally's isn't a good place for your event. Try Caesar's or Planet Hollywood." Hahaha....at least they were honest, I guess.
  • The forum tower is newer and the rooms are very nice; I stayed there several times in 2012 and 2013.  The only downside to it is the elevators are right in the middle of the casino so if smoke bothers you, no way to avoid it.

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  • Thanks for the input, @vegasgroom
  • I toured this suite just last week, not sure if you're still looking for input?
  • @dixxievegas - I would love to hear about your experience! :)
  • Hi, sorry for the delay! The room is quite big and the two story wall of windows is great. The rooms are more old fashioned than some do the newer hotels on the strip. It has two bedrooms and a full-sized fridge (which would definatelty come in handy.) you should contact masterpiece cuisine, they indicated to me that they have successfully catered events at Caesars.
  • Excellent info! Thanks @dixxievegas!
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