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Undergarments for under my wedding dress...

Hey ladies, I was looking for some advice on undergarments for under my wedding dress. I'm rather large chested - a 38G to be exact. I originally bought a bustier that fit very well, but when I tried it on under my dress, it came up to high and you could see the edges of it. My wedding dress has some beaded thick straps, so I could actually wear a bra underneath as long as it has clear straps...however it has to be a low bra so it wont show. I'm having a heck of a time finding anything like that. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

Re: Undergarments for under my wedding dress...

  • Would cups in the dress work? I'm 36C (not the same, I know) and the cups made me look better than my bra. My dress has good boning and structure to it. The cups might not help so much in a looser dress.

    Maybe your tailor can put them in temporarily or arrange them in your dress so you can try it before they sew them in.
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    A demi bra would have a low profile so you wouldn't have to worry about the edges showing...I guess it just depends on the look you want though. For me, demi bras always give me a lot of va va voom (I'm a 36E). I'd also ask about having cups sewn in...but I have no idea how large a range of cup sizes your alterations person may have on hand. Have you tried your dress without a bra at all? I was 100% convinced I would need a bustier or long line bra because my boobs are so huge but my dress actually supports me without anything at all and comes up high enough that my boobs don't feel exposed or like they are about to fall out.

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