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Out of Town Wedding/Columbus Day Weekend- STD Timeline?

Hey all! My wedding is 10-10-15 which happens to fall on Columbus Day weekend. Our wedding is in Massachusetts and much of our wedding party is coming from Pennsylvania, where my fiancé is from. My concern is finding the right time table for STD. Aside from traveling from far away, many of our guests have busy lives with lots of travel otherwise- often times booked a year or more in advance. That being said, we are wondering if sending STD's about a year in advance would be too soon? We are doing coasters for what it's worth.

I worry about the timing because we want to avoid November-January because we feel like it would get lost in the holiday shuffle, but I worry with the busy lives of our guests if we wait until February, they may have travel for the year mostly booked.


Re: Out of Town Wedding/Columbus Day Weekend- STD Timeline?

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    Do people make a big deal about Columbus Day in either Massachusetts or Pennsylvania? If you hadn't given your wedding date I would have had no clue when it was. So unless there's some big regional celebration that will cause a lot of hotels to get booked up or travel to be really icky, I wouldn't let that affect my plans.

    Send STDs along the normal timeline of 9 months out. If someone has a family vacation that they plan a year ahead of time, they're likely not going to change their plans because of your wedding anyway. There will always be people who just can't make it, and STDs won't change that. 

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    STD - 9-12 months out

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    Columbus Day is big for the leaf-peepers in New England.
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    Um. My wedding is Columbus Day weekend too, then! What a surprise! (Hi [hopefully] date-twin!)

    OP, I legitimately had no idea that was Columbus Day weekend. PPs seem to indicate that this is actually a thing in your area; if that's the case then I'd dodge the Holiday Mailing Season (November - New Year's) but probably send in January.

    I'm not sure we'll even do STD's simply because our ceremony will be low-key and everyone will already know the tentative date by Christmas. Also, by the time STDs should go out, it's possible we won't know FOR SURE our date yet and that would suck to have to explain THAT mess.
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    Thanks for the responses lately! As a few posters have indicated, in the Northeast Columbus Day weekend is a bit of a big deal. It works out nicely because those traveling from PA will not (necessarily) have a huge stress in getting their kids back to school, or getting themselves back to work. 

    We're ordering the save the dates now, and I guess we'll just ponder over if the beginning of November or later January makes sense. It's good that it doesn't necessarily seem like a massive deal either way.

    Just want to avoid doing one of those things that ends up with a thread of 8 pages telling me what a bad idea it was ;)
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    You can always send them out Columbus Day weekend this year if you have them. No big deal in sending them out 12 months in advance. 
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