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Let me start by saying - don't pick your wedding party too soon! Back when we got engaged I had every intention of having 3 Bridesmaids and 2 Junior Bridesmaids on my side, with 4 Groomsmen on his. I was planing to have everyone pair up, except my brother (one of the groomsmen) would walk both Junior Bridesmaids down the aisle - they're our cousin (12) and stepsister (11) - so I figured the age gap would be fine. Well, things didn't work out with one of the girls I was going to have as a Bridesmaid (thank goodness I hadn't asked her when our friendship went haywire), so I now have two adult Bridesmaids and two Junior Bridesmaids. Is it totally weird that the guys have to walk with young girls or am I over thinking this?

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  • You're overthinking it. They are walking across a room or outdoor area together, not hooking up. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • They walk down an aisle, they don't make out.  Age doesn't matter.

    Also, the younger girls are just bridesmaids.  They do the same thing as the older bridesmaids.  There is no need to make an issue of their youth.
  • I had two eight year old bridesmaids (not junior). They walked up and down the aisle together.
  • All bridesmaids of any age need to do is walk up and down the aisle in the designated outfits, pose for photos, and be sober and in good spirits.  Bridesmaids of any age can do that.
  • Thanks! I knew I was over thinking it, I just needed the reassurance. And yes, I call them Bridesmaids (& treat them the same), I only referred to them as Junior here, so you would understand that they're younger.
  • I've been to weddings where the groomsmen don't walk down at all, and are up there when it starts. That's an option if you think the age difference is too weird.
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    Agree with PPs. Overthinking it. It's all good, OP. They are either just walking side by side or they are being escorted by someone. It's not sexual or weird just a formality and kindness in helping a lady,  in the same way that ushers escort married women with their husbands trailing behind to their seats prior to the ceremony in some situations.
  • Nope. Not weird at all!! Sometimes it's even adorable!
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  • Thanks @maiorielloam6! I was leaning more toward the adorable side, but an old friend put the doubt in me.
  • Our BP ages will range from 14 to 67.  It's all good. :)

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