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iPod instead of DJ

Has anyone had positive experiences using an ipod instead of getting a DJ? I want to mostly just have background music, not necessarily dancing. We will probably rent a mic for speeches and the ceremony though. I would rather spend the money elsewhere but I have also heard some negative stories on doing an ipod.

Also, I have heard if you do the ipod that you need to have someone making sure it plays smoothly and all that. This might be a dumb question, but can I just ask a bridesmaid/groomsman/other friend to check it occasionally and fix it if it stops? Or do I need to assign someone to sit with it all night?

Re: iPod instead of DJ

  • If I were just going to use it for background music, I'd make a playlist that lasts the duration of the event. Then, as long as it's charged and connected to the speakers, it should be nothing to worry about. All you'd need for speeches and ceremony, beyond a mic, is to turn it down or pause it until both of those are done.

    I'm the fuck out.

  • I would make sure that you have a decent set of speakers. I had a friend do this too. She just wanted ceremony music and bride and groom's first dance. (she got married outside in park). She used her ihome speakers for it but, you could barley hear the music at all during the ceremony or for the dance.
  • I am using an ipod instead of hiring a dj. I am getting the wedding co-ordinator to prompt it for the ceremony, then we are just having back ground music for the reception. However I am not having dancing and it is a Sunday wedding so it will finish early.
  • Between my FI and my dad, I've got my own good sound system for the wedding, Not getting married til July 2015, but we are doing the IPod thing.  We dont have a budget for a DJ. Its going to be a small wedding, less than 100 people...who is really going to dance past the first hour or two if at all? Ipod it is...saves me money!
  • iI am still up in the air about it (and iI have 39 days to go, lol).  my friends will dance whether it is a dj or an ipod. iI have been to both and if people are going to dance they will dance if theres music. we are having a small wedding. why wont people dance past the 1st hour? never been to a wedding where everyone just stopped dancing. iI hope at my wedding we dance from the time dinner is done till the last song!!!
  • I used an iPod. The location of our reception had an amazing brand new sound system and we weren't doing any spotlight dances, toasts, or any other wedding traditions. It seemed silly to pay a DJ to basically just sit there all night and play songs when the iPod could do the same thing. I put together a playlist for dinner and a separate for after dinner. My DOC switched the playlists once dinner was over. People danced to it and it worked out just fine. The sound system was loud enough that it was pretty much the same as having a DJ though.

    We did have live music for the ceremony and cocktail hour though.
  • I think it would work if you are just using it for background music. We were thinking about it, but decided on a DJ so he can keep things moving along, like announcing the tables for the buffet, then the cake-cutting, etc. If you're not taking time out for that stuff, then an iPod should do you just fine.

  • We used a laptop + Spotify + a friend's professional speaker system to DJ our wedding. It was a raging dance party. I put together a playlist for dinner and a playlist for dancing, which started with our first dance. It was easy and worked perfectly.
  • I am having the same concern. I am hearring positive things about Ipod. I think i will save the money and go with that. I am having a live violinist for the ceremony though.
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