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Wedding Venues in Playa Del Carmen

Does anyone know of any venues in the Playa Del Carmen area that is not on a resort? We want to be on the beach, but are looking for more options.

Re: Wedding Venues in Playa Del Carmen

  • We did this in Cozumel. We rented out a beach club that's normally closed at night, but available for rent for evening events. The ceremony was in a garden overlooking the water (i didn't want to be in sand) and the reception was held under a palapa.  I would assume Playa del Carmen would have some venues similar (as they are just a ferry ride away). Have you spoken with a local wedding planner? They would have some great ideas for what you are looking for. We had an awesome one that helped out tremendously. 
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  • I'll be going to Playa Del Carmen for 6 months starting Nov 1st.  We're going to be checking out  bunch of resorts an hot spots for getting married. I'll for sure update this post with my top fav places we find. We're going to be looing for the best spots for photos as well.

  • Blue Venado, Indigo Beach Club, Grand Coral and Kool Beach are some. I got some pricing on some and for me it was out of our budget and more work. I have been to Blue Venado before and the food was really good and it's a really cool spot.
  • Thanks for all the info, and replies. I'm trying to get a hold of someone at Grand Coral. I'll have to check the other spots.
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