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That's what my nana calls them. So, I went out looking for lingerie for the Wedding night/morning after and ended up buying a pair of comfy (and pretty) underwear for under my wedding dress. Corsets or bras with too many eye-hooks put me off and im kinda "meh" about nighties.

Should I still consider buying something? maybe something that isn't bridal white/ivory?

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    I'm gonna buy something from Victorias Secret and it won't be white. We recently were there and I asked FI out of all of the colors what would he like to see me in the most and he said hot pink. So that's what I'll be getting for my wedding night "outfit". I'm not sure exactly what yet, but it's not going to take much to wow him. I like the idea of something comfy for "after" and to sleep in on the honeymoon. I can't wear a bra with my dress so that's out. I guess I should get some nice panties but I'm not overly concerned. And yeah, comfort will be key under the dress! No wedgies for me!! (I'd be curious to know what grandmothers call wedgies...lol)
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    My Nana called wedgie inducing thongs "buttfloss"!

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    I have a corset back dress, so I'm not wearing a corset under. So far I just know that I'm wearing my trust slip shorts to prevent chafing, and a strapless push up, not sure about panties. For the night of and honeymoon, I might go with something ivory, but FI likes me in deep colors like berry, navy, plum, so I'm going to buy some of those. No idea when I would wear white/ivory again, so it doesn't seem worth it to buy it. Also, my mom calls thongs "slingshots" lol
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