Flowering Wishful Thinking?

So I'm being pretty brave, atleast I think so.  My wedding is at the end of March, right when Daffodils are blooming.  So I'm planning to grow them, I have three kinds picked out.  I'm just nervous if they don't grow in time, what florist would have daffodils?  I really don't want to pick random peoples gardens ;)  Any advice? 
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Re: Flowering Wishful Thinking?

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    It's definitely risky. As a backup I would ask other people to plant them as well, so if something happens (late frost, whatever) you may have some backup. Otherwise I think grocery stores would have daffodils in that time of year.

    I read a story once, probably on this site, about a girl who wanted hydrangeas but couldn't afford them. She lived in Seattle and the week before the wedding they walked around neighborhoods, knocking on the doors of people who had flowering bushes and asked if she could cut 2 or 3 blooms the next weekend for her wedding. She got all the flowers she needed for free. It makes me smile - so worst case scenario maybe you could drive around and follow suit.
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    I think nanna's plan is a good one. I want blue hydrangeas for my wedding in three weeks. I wanted some for the bouquet but I solved that by buying paper ones that are perfect. But I may have to don some black and go on a night raid of the neighborhoods on Wednesday before the wedding. Make it into a scavenger hunt at rehearsal dinner. hmmmm LOL  .... :)

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    March is prime daffodil season, so you shouldn't have any problem getting flowers from a retail florist at that time.  Alternatively, you can also go through an online vendor such as American Floral Distributors, which I know sells daffodils by the bunch.  I've ordered from them on numerous occasions, and have always been pleased with their product.

    Good luck!

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