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I need advice asap

I found the gown im in love with! AND its on sale for 80% off but only for the next 24 hours. Heres the problem my wedding isnt for about another year and a half. How do I keep my gown from ruining over that time or should I just wait and hope I find another one I love?

Re: I need advice asap

  • I'm not sure what you mean ruin. If you keep it in a bag, in a clean closet, you'll be fine. 

    Dress regret is very common, so if you do buy, you need to stop looking completely. Do you have a venue already? I've heard of people buying right when they get engaged, then they decide more details and the dress doesn't 'work' anymore. 
  • Well my grandmother keeps telling me it'll yellow in that amount of time. But I am set on this dress. I've been looking at it for quite some time. 
  • Will the place you're buying it from store it for you? I, unexpectedly, bought my dress well in advance (about 17 months before the wedding) at a boutique about 2.5 hours from where I live - and they are storing the dress there for me so that I don't have to worry about it at all until I return next year for alterations.

    With that said - be sure it's definitely the dress you want no matter what (I knew mine would work great at my venue and also it was my perfect style in general). If you do buy it, don't shop anymore or look at other dresses because the last thing you want is dress regret. Good luck :)
  • I agree with PPs.  See if the boutique will hold it for you.  If not, have a look in to professional garment storage.  Some dry cleaners offer it.  

    If you buy the dress, stop looking at other dresses immediately!  I get mild dress regret from reading this section of the forums occasionally, but nothing too severe.
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    I don't think your dress will yellow in that amount of time.  I agree with PP, look into finding some long term dress storage places.  There are certain types of plastics that can yellow garments, so make sure whatever bag is storing your dress is the right kind of plastic.  Usually the thicker bags that bridal boutiques store their dresses in are the right kind.
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    I bought mine at about 17 months in advance as well.  I stored the dress in the garment bag they gave me and kept it in my father's closet.  The dress was completely fine in that time.

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