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Food Stations question...

I know someone who was wanting advice on food stations.  She is having a smaller wedding, but by small I mean 50 people.   She is wanting to set up food stations.
They already know they are having a big dessert area, a popcorn stand area, drink stand, mimosa bar.. but she is curious about what "food stations" would be the most affordable?

Her ideas so far:
Nacho bar,  cheese bar with fruit.. she was also interested in a potato bar but wasn't sure what else she should have.. or if she should have those.

Fire away with ideas!!

Re: Food Stations question...

  • It might be helpful to know more about the event itself.  You say a mimosa bar, but then also a nachos bar.  To me, mimosas say brunch while nachos say late night drunken munchies.

    What time of day?
    Is she self-catering or hiring a caterer who might need an attendant at certain stations?
    Indoor or outdoor event?
    Level of formality?
    Will the food stations be the only food options or is this for a cocktail hour where she'll have a meal afterwards as well?

    Just off the top of my head, if the food stations ARE the meal, then she should consider a protein option - something like a carving station with turkey, ham, or beef, and maybe some rolls and a few condiments (horseradish for beef, mustard for ham, a cranberry relish for turkey).  If she wants to go cheaper, then either platters of meats with rolls and condiments (essentially a sandwich station) or platters or ready-made sandwiches/rolls.
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