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Bimini Boatyard advice

for my date they have The Abaco Room seats up to 24 guests.  It has a board room style table so your group would all be seated together.

The semi-private Barbados Room which seats up to 60 guests which a minimum of 30.

I will probably do the barbados if we go with them.

Is there room for dancing etc or just strictly dinner there?

I havent been able to see any pictures and I cant look at the place for at least a week so just trying to get an idea

Thanks :)

I plan on about 30 to 35 guest so any info about them would be great. I see they have great reviews all over the forum

Re: Bimini Boatyard advice

  • I do every party at Bimini Boatyard.  Patti is a pure pleasure to work with, the staff is strictly 5 Star and don't get me started on the food, I dream of it!  With a group of 30-35, you definitely have plenty of room for dancing.  There is also a fully private room that will also hold a dance floor with a party of that size.  Enjoy, you have picked a winner. I just sent my boss there for her father's 80th birthday and she could not be happier.
  • I have a question about bimini, I would have picked it already but Patti told me you can't really put the music up too loud since there's other people dining. I'm not sure how loud is too loud and honestly it would be so embarrassing to have someone tell your in front of your guests that your music is too loud... Cause she told me in the past they had to tell the dj to turn it down. My family isn't loud but they do love dancing so idk what to do...
  • Honestly, I never had a problem with music.  The room is pretty small, so if the music is too loud, it becomes uncomfortable for your guests anyway. If you are using the more open space, it is basically the same situation, your guests would not want it too loud in that area as well.
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