McMenamins Wedding?

Has anyone had a wedding at Mcmenamins Edgefield near Portland?  It seems to be the only place that is within my families budget. We are planning the Wedding for December 30th or 31st and are running out of time and ideas.

 Its not my ideal, as McMenamins is kind of weird and quirky (I was planning more of an elegant, classic wedding).  But if its all we can afford, it will have to do.

Just wondering how the catered wedding food is, how the service is, if they have a wedding coordinator help out on the day,  how it looks once decorated, and if a ceremony AND reception are do-able?

Thank you so much ladies!
Oh-- and if you have other ideas for affordable venues...?  I feel like I have scoured this site and others, but McMenamins is the only place all inclusive within our $3000-$4000 budget...

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    If you're money savvy, coordinating a wedding should fit in your budget if Mcmenamins isn't your style.

    I did go to one a few years back, the food was good and so was the wedding! It was simple because they didn't allow too many decorations. But it was an afternoon wedding and more casual. Edgefield is beautiful in many rooms, have you decided which one you'll use?
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    Have you considered any other McMenamins locations? We toured several and I think you would like the Compass Room at the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove which has room for 140. They have also opened a new location in Wilsonville in an old church. Inside has room for 125 and appears to be fairly plain but potentially not as quirky.
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    I'm getting married there in 10 days! I'll post lots of pictures. I picked it because it was corky and fun, not really for the price. There are lots of cheap venues other than McMenimens. The price per person is about the same as several other places I looked at, but that was so long ago I can't remember to many names. If your guest list is small, there are restaurants you can rent out for that price. 
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    I'm getting married at Edgefield in a few weeks!  My onsite coordinator is Jaclyn, and so far she has been very responsive to my emails and was easy to meet with for the initial menu choices, chair placements for the ceremony, etc. 

    We are getting married in the Administrator's House Yard and having our reception in the Ballroom. No dancing in the Ballroom because it's directly over the Black Rabbit Restaurant, so that's our only caveat.  We aren't very much of dancers, anyway.

    Our minimum for all events is $2,500, but we will easily meet that.  They did give us a free Master room the two nights we will be there, which was a nice surprise!  I will be sure to post my experience after my wedding!

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    I just posted on your other post about wedding venue stress and am now finding this one!  My step-bro and SIL just got married there in March in whichever the largest room is on that site and it was very nice.  Their F/D min was 5k but they also had 200+ guests.  Food was good and drinks are good.  With 200 guests the line for drinks got pretty long, but they would let you get 2 at a time which helped...I should probably mention it was open bar which I definitely added to the long lines.  Seems like most of the rooms at McMen's are already pretty "decorated" so SIL opted for simple centerpieces and that was pretty much it for decor.  Also, they had the ceremony and recpetion in the same room so there was about an hour changeover in between, but that was fine because everyone was able to roam about the campus and check out some of the other bars and whatnot.  This is also when Bro and SIL went off and did their "posed" pictures (family photos were done prior to the ceremony).

    Overall was very nice.  They were going for something somewhat formal, but in the end wanted it to be a really fun big party - which it was.  I personally would consider the decor more quirky than elegant though, but other than when I initially walked in, I didn't really notice it.
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    Hi you may want to check out The Governor Hotel in Portland.  They're more elegant, classic and I believe are set up similar to Mcmins.  No room rental fee with  minimum food/beverage amount.  Then there's the Hotel Deluxe, Portland. Their catering menu says they 'may' waive room rental fee for minimum food/drink orders.  They're pretty elegant too.  Both may fit your budget.  I was pleasantly surprised with their quotes to me for my son's intimate wedding ceremony.
  • McMenamins is at the top of our list due to prices as well. My fi and I are doing an outdoor wedding at their Grand Lodge location, which with the gardens seems much more beautiful than I believe their rooms seem. I am not one for dark heavy curtains and quirky paintings either, which is one reason we are looking at outdoor. Plus, I have dreamed of an outdoor wedding forever!
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