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Recessional Songs

What recessional songs is everyone using?  I posted this as a 'question' earlier but I just realized a discussion may be better. 

Re: Recessional Songs

  • Our ceremony music is generally all very wedding-y and typical, until our recessional. We are walking out to the Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark on the organ. We are huge movie goers, and both love Indiana Jones. Plus, it seemed appropriate since we're starting our new "adventure" together!
  • We're recessing to "Happy". Trust me, I know it's overplayed and totally "done" but it really and truly still gives me that same feeling I had the first time I heard it. Complete joy. So it fits.
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  • We  plan on leaving the ceremony site to La Rejouisance by Handel.  Then a bagpiper will lead our guests to the tune of Highand Cathedral. Very traditional.
  • Our Recessional was "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours"

  • @erinlin25‌ That's a perfect recessional!

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