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Wedding overload!

Yesterday was packed with so much wedding stuff.  I just had to talk about it!

Yesterday I had my 1st fitting.  It was fine, I felt badly about myself when they told me that they had to let out the hips/butt a little bit (<1 in.) to give me more wiggle room.  I'm totally over it now, I love the dress on me, and if I had gone a size up, it would have been a bitch to take in.  This means that I have to get at least 2 more appointments, hopefully squeezing one in before she leaves for Europe  mid-October.  Thankfully, FMIL is looking to burn up some vacation days before retiring, so she is going to come with me for the fittings (which is also nice because it's a bit of a drive).

After the fitting, FMIL and I went back to her house to hang out for a bit before I had to drive home (she is awesome, I can't want to move closer to hang out with her more).  She has offered to pay for the bar, RD, and wanted to host breakfast the next morning; so we got most of those details hammered down.

I was hoping that the RD was going to be smaller, but she's letting me invite the people I requested to invite AND she cut out a couple of circles to make it smaller.. and she's paying for it, so I'm just going to carry on and be grateful.  I am kind of glad that she is doing a morning after brunch, it's one of those things that I never expected, and never said anything about.. but I always thought would be fun.  My Mom was talking about doing one, but in a condo that she's going to be renting (maybe?) that would more likely than not turn into a BFD where she'd be expecting me to do things that I don't want to do- because she doesn't handle social situations well, and I have a feeling that she would be asking me too many questions at inconvenient times.  (sorry if that turned ranty and confusing)

I basically just need to bang out some studying this week for a huge test I have to get into nursing school, and then it's just about wedding stuff!! Eeeek!

And my shower is Sunday!  (Kind of early, but sister(MOH) who is hosting it at her house wanted to have it during September- so whaevs.)
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Re: Wedding overload!

  • Yay!

    Don't you love it when that dress fitting goes well?  When will they have the dress available by?

    I'm so glad you get along with your FMIL.  I envy that :)

    Our RD issues are similar.  FMIL wants timelines but we can't get them right now because we were trying to get in touch with the officiant.  It was originally a sit down dinner at a fancy restaurant, but now it will just be FI and I talking to the officiant in a sit-down meeting, and lunch will be served for all of the WP at FMIL's house, which I like MUCH better.  It's rocky right now but we'll get through it.

    ETA: And let us know how your shower is!!
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  • @goldchocobo  I have NO IDEA when my dress is going to be done.  Right now my next appointment is the 27th of October, and we are HOPING to get another one in before then.  If not, my final fitting will have to be between the 27th and the 13th of November (when we are heading to our venue to give us time to get our marriage cert, etc.).  So that might be stressful and a time crunch.

    My father's Mom (whom I loved dearly) was straight up mean to my Mom for YEARS, so I do not take having a sweet and loving FMIL for granted!
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