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My dress saga

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First, I just want to say I'm so glad I came across the November wedding forum.. it's so nice to be going through the same things around the same time as others!

So, I bought my dress in January. I tried it on in stores, it was over my budget, blah blah.. but I found it on, THOUGHT I got the right size, it was too small... so I worked out a bunch, and I was making progress but I was still nervous for that first fitting, which was this past Saturday, aaand the dress zipped the whole way! It was not comfortable and I could barely put my own shoes on, but still. She's able to give me some room (although I do plan to continue to work out moderately til the wedding), and I feel so good about it. The dress is the one thing I've never had any second thoughts on, it's beautiful (Casablanca 1992 if anyone is curious!). 

 She's doing the hem, some stuff to the neckline, and giving me breathing room, and I go back in just a week and a half! Seems super fast to me, but I really have no idea. This was such an exciting step!! 

 Side note: my FMIL will be in town that weekend, and I want to invite her. This is normal, right????

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Re: My dress saga

  • I think involving your FMIL is great, unless she's the super critical type. I'm glad your dress is working out for you. It's super crazy how close we're getting and how quick time will fly these next few months.
  • I looked up that dress and DAYUM it's beautiful!  It's all coming together!  And congrats on your weight loss (I normally discourage buying a dress a size smaller to motivate weight loss but you totally didnt do it on purpose, lol)
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  • LOL yeah I didn't do it intentionally... I was just thinking about how many dreams I've had regarding the dress not fitting, and I wish I didn't have that stress.  Feeling better about it now!

    The FMIL lives in another state, and we are as close as we CAN be, I suppose???  She's very supportive and not at all meddly, like she really does want good things for us (which is good, he's her oldest son and the first to be married).  SO, I think this would be a fun way to get her involved since she is missing out on some other things here and there.
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