places to sell dress and ring from first marriage

Hi There, I used the Knot a lot for my first marriage 10 years ago, and am back for the next one as the first one did not work out. Wedding and reception though was beautiful! Anyway now I want to sell my wedding dress and my diamond engagement ring from the first marriage. Do you have any suggestions of where to get the best price? Of course there is eBay and Craiglist but are those really the best places? I have seen some websites where you can sell your dress. Any first hand success stories? Any local MS places? Thanks! 

Re: places to sell dress and ring from first marriage

  • I've been looking for the same thing.

    Have you looked at idonowidont.com or exboyfriendjewelry.com? I am likely going to try eBay or a personal listing here first, as the 15% commission at idonowidon't doesn't appeal to me.

    My best suggestions are to make sure you fully describe each item, take great pictures, and gain a realistic perspective on what you may actually get for *used* items. It has been tough for me to swallow, but moving on with our lives and having these items out of them will be worth that. <3
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