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one extra bridesmaid..what do I do?

So I have 5 bridesmaids (2 of which are maid and matron of honor) and my future hubby has 4 on his side...How should I have them leave at the end of ceremony as well as introductions for the reception? Should I have the 2 maid of honor and matron of honor walk with the best man??

Re: one extra bridesmaid..what do I do?

  • If it was me, I would probably pair up the MOHs with the Best Man for the recessional.  As for reception introductions, your options range from not introducing the bridal party at all, to introducing them in groups or pairs (but this feels weird to me since they usually aren't couples), or introducing everyone individually. 

    It's tradition in my circle to announce the bridal party formally; at our wedding, the DJ introduced the bridesmaids as one group, the groomsmen as another, and then the MOH and Best Man before DH and I were introduced. 

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    My FI has 7 GM and I have 2 BM... they sides don't need to be even as usually the men are at the front already and the women walk down the aisle.  For the walk back I'm just going to have a couple of the guys grab their girlfriends/wives out of the crowd on their way by.  Thought that would be cute.
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    When I was a BM in my friends' wedding, I was escorted by both of the G's brother, both after the ceremony and into the reception.  I would probably pair up your two MOHs with the BM since you have 1 extra BM.  That way all of your honor attendants walk together.

  • totally fine to have the two MOHs get escorted by the BM. 

    Do the same for intro's or just intro all the girls together and then all the guys. No need to "couple" them up.

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    Kick out a bridesmaid and have them supervise the guest book
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    Have the two MOHs walk with the BM. Then pair up the rest. Keep it the same for the reception introduction.

  • As an AW, I'd prefer to walk down the aisle alone so nobody steals my thunder.    So you can have someone walk by herself as well.
  • I like the idea of the best man escorting the two honor attendants.  They can all be announced together as well as the honor attendants.  That makes the most sense.  Unless you want an usher to escort the final attendant - that could work too.
  • This was the case for our wedding as well. We had the best man enter with the groom at the beginning of the ceremony so that everyone else could walk down as a pair.
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