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My Neighbor is a Saint

So I ordered Thank You cards, escort cards, table numbers, and cute little easels to prop the table numbers on from Wedding Star.  I even got a discount code.  I placed the order and it says they are using FedEx Ground. I freak out.  FedEx doesn't have access to my building.  How did I miss this???  The order is scheduled to deliver Sept 9th and FI is off that day, so he assures me it's fine.

Out of curiosity, I go to track the package today and it states it is delivered at 11:30am.  WHAT?  FI is at work.  I look and see that someone signed for it.  Then I realize it is my neighbor.  I don't know her very well (people move into the apartment all the time and I can't keep track....).  She saved me!  I drive home and see the package at my door.  This is so awesome!  I put my ear to the wall but I do not hear my neighbor, so I make a note to use one of the new thank you cards I just received to tell her I really appreciate her helping me.

There's a knock on the door a short while later and it's her.  She wanted to make sure the package was safe.  I told her it was and we came to the conclusion that the buzzer wires are crossed, hence her getting the notice FedEx was here.  She told me she hurried downstairs and actually chased the FedEx girl to sign for it to make sure my package was safe so they didn't have to attempt delivery again (a HUGE pain!).

I was so touched!  I told FI we need to get her a bottle of wine as thanks.  She didn't have to go out of her way like that and because of her, I have my thank you cards ready without further delay :)

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Re: My Neighbor is a Saint

  • That is so nice. I'm glad that worked out like that for you!
  • I live in a condo, and I happen to have really awesome neighbors. I am so grateful for them!
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  • She just knocked on my door again.  FI and I grabbed a gift card to the liquor store for her as thanks.  She thanked me for the card.

    This is what Canadians do.  They are constantly thanking people for the thanking of people.  We can't stop.  That and apologizing.  ;)

    She works at a store in a mall nearby and said if we ever wanted anything, she gets a 30% off discount.  I almost registered at this store because all their stuff is just gorgeous.  I might send some money with her to buy a serving plate I was in love with there, lol.  She's just too sweet.  I didn't think neighbors like this existed anymore.  I feel so lucky!
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