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Gift for our daughter, FG, and RB. HELP!

Kay, so I am really stuck on what to get the littles in our wedding. Our 2.5 year old daughter, and 3.5 year old niece will be FGs, and our 5 year old nephew will be the RB. I have no idea what to get them - plus I want to get our daughter something special for the day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

P.S. I have looked for jewelry, but my dd and niece are petite and I don't want to get them something that will fall off, or will be too long. My fiance suggested lego's for our nephew cause hes super into that stuff, but I am open for other suggestions. Thanks so much!

Re: Gift for our daughter, FG, and RB. HELP!

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    There are baby bracelets that adjust to grow with the baby.  I think Things Remembered have them, as I'm sure many places do.  My friend's 2 y/o has worn one for a while now, a thin silver one, more like a band, not links. 
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    I'm the fun-hater. My 3yo daughter is the FG, 7yo daughter RB, and they're getting....A bracelet.
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    Our FG is a little bit older than yours (6 this month). We got her a simple sterling silver chain from James Avery with a silver disc inscribed with her monogram and our initials and a heart on the backside of it. She's also very petite for a 6 year old so I think we got her either a 14 inch chain that fits her now. What about starting a charm bracelet for them? Jewelry is so tough when they are little...but a charm bracelet is something they can add on to as they get older and also purchase a larger size in as their wrists grow.

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    Legos sound perfect for the RB! 

    As for the FG, I have a 4 y/o daughter of a close friend, and she loves playing with Barbies and Disney characters, so I will probably get her one she doesn't have.  

    I don't think you have to give a sentimental gift if it's a niece or friend's kid, but I can see wanting to give your daughter something to keep.  The other kids won't remember what you gave them and might lose it/throw it away, but you can make sure your daughter keeps hers.

    I think a chain with a locket or some other removable charm would be a good idea, so you or she can change out the chain as she grows.
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    Our two neices and our nephew are our FG and RB. They are 3 & 4 and our nephew is five. They are all getting monogrammed bags from 31Bags. We decided to put a toy in each bag. One neice loves Princess Sophia so we got her the doll that is wearing the "flowergirl" dress from the show. The other neice is getting a Barbie set with a Bride, Groom, Jr. Bridesmaid, and flowergirl in it from Target. Our nephew will most likely be getting a TMNT toy.
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