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That was a good day

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Today I went down to city hall to give our details for our wedding licence :) The woman that was helping me said she would put her name down to perform our ceremony. I thought that was very nice.

  I also went to the seamstress for alterations. OMG! She was very efficient! Dress on, starts pinning right away, arms up, arms down, pin here, pin there. She even pinned my bra to make it fit better hehe :) it was a whirlwind but I am very confident in her. She doesn't think it will cost much. I go back in 2 weeks today for my second fitting. I wasn't able to take a pic. hopefully I will be able to next time (doubtful though...)

@lapeanut1018, how was your fitting today? :)

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Re: That was a good day

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    I actually had mine rescheduled for yesterday but thanks for remembering it was originally today! My dress salon had to "outsource" some of their alterations to a seamstress just down the street because they are super busy right now with multiple weddings in the months of October and September. Luckily my fitting went well and didn't take long at all! She pinned around my bust and pinned some strange wrinkling around my waist and we figured out my bustle. The cost was a little more than I was expecting ($170) but that is the price I guess you pay to make sure everything is 100% perfect. 

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