Specific Jolie Images photographer to recommend?

Hi! I'm planning my 2nd wedding on a very tight budget, and found Jolie Images to be affordable. I've read mixed reviews though varying by assigned photographer, so does anyone have a positive experience with a specific photographer, whom I could try to request upon booking? Thank you! :)

Re: Specific Jolie Images photographer to recommend?

  • Have you tried asking for recommendation on your local board? I never recommend using a larger company that utilizes multiple photos and doesn't guarantee you will get the one you have contracted with...they frequently overbook their best photos and then switch at the last minute.

    I have moved this thread to your local board (Chicago) where brides from your area can offer suggestions. You will probably have better luck since "Photos & Video" is an international board. GL! :)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • Oops, thank you! I'm new here and needed that help! :)
  • I have Kelly booked for our wedding in 3.5 weeks. I will let you know!
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