Budget-friendly and weather-safe venue

Hello! I am currently researching ceremony/reception venues for my April 2012 wedding and am having a hard time finding a venue that fits my main criteria:

*Cheap (unless something changes in our budget, I have about $500-600 TOTAL for both the ceremony and reception venue. This does not include food, which has its own budget entirely.
*Indoors, or with indoors options, so I don't have to worry about the imminent threat of rain.
*Somewhere within the Portland metro area, or some nearby adjoining county.
*Able to hold ~100 people.

Now, its easy to find a venue that fits 2, or maybe even 3, points of my criteria. However, I need someplace that can fit ALL of them. It doesn't have to be super traditional either, I'm flexible on pretty much everything EXCEPT the four points listed above.

Has anybody run across a venue that fits the bill? I'm coming up dry so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Budget-friendly and weather-safe venue

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