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Has anyone tried Tiny Tea detox tea by Your Tea?

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  • Detoxes like that aren't necessarily the healthiest thing you can do to your body.  Your denying your body a lot of essential nutrients.

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  • No, you still eat in addition to drinking the tea before or after meals. Its a blend of herbs and oolong tea. I was just wondering if people had tried it. I heard it helps decrease bloating. I'm not into cleanses or crash dieting either.
  • I feel like you can achieve the same results by drinking any old tea or just plain water before a meal. Drinking a good amount of liquid before a meal will make you feel fuller which will result in you not eating as much. Also drinking more water (which tea mainly is) will help to decrease bloat and hydrate your skin which will help to clear it up. And in the reviews I have read most talk about sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program to fully benefit from the weight loss properties in the tea. Um, pretty sure the weight loss is coming from eating healthy and exercising, not drinking the tea. Once you start drinking more water and eating healthier and exercising you will overall start feeling more energized and less bloated so personally I think the tea thing is a bit of a scam.

  • I couldn't agree with @Maggie0829 more

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  • If you really want to try a detox tea, you can get something a lot cheaper.  You can get "Detox Tea" at Whole Foods or most regular markets for less than $10.  But really, hydrating and eating clean is going to be the greatest benefit.
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