Any Pdx brides want a workout partner?

Hello Brides,

I am looking for a workout partner in SE Portland. I'd love to get together for frequent workouts and healthy motivation. I have a year until the wedding and look forward to dropping the extra weight (30 lbs). Wanna join me? 

Take Care,

P.s. Plus, we can talk about all things wedding and save our friends from wedding talk overload.

Re: Any Pdx brides want a workout partner?

  • I am looking for a work out partner as well! 
    A married couple is like a permanent marker. Once you are with them you can never give them up OR let them fade away.. Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • I'm in NE and for some reason SE is the hardest place to get to so I don't think work outs would work but I'd love a local accountability person for my 30 lbs! I keep thinking I have a year so I can start later, I wonder why I haven't lost any weight? I haven't mastered site navigation yet but I think you can PM me if you want an accountability, motivation and wedding overload pal.
      I just took pre planning to a whole new level and bought a huge box of wedding decor on  craigslist. If I had a local wedding talk peson, you could have reminded me that I really only need a few of the things in it!
  • I'm in SE but i'm not a bride. I have quite a bit of weight lose though and could definitely use a partner. What address you thinking a far as where, when, etc.?
  • I'm in SE and have a membership to the LA Fitness.

    My wedding is in Oct of this year and I have um, 60lbs to lose but it isn't happening... lol!

    I do try and go three times a week though. 
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    SE PDX bride to be here! Trying to shed 15 to 20 lbs of fat. What sort of workout were you thinking and when are you getting married?
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