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Looking for an outside tent or pavilion venue that will work for my picnic style reception. I would love volleyball, horseshoes, open areas, mountains.. I plan on bringing in a caterer and maybe a DJ for dancing. I would prefer a huge tent, but would also consider a nice pavilion. Any ideas?

Re: Harrisburg/Lancaster Area Reception Venue

  • My venue is Armstrong Valley Winery - they have a huge spot across the street. I've seen several weddings there where people have put up a big tent in the spot and have done just what you've described. It's right over Peters Mountain, with beautiful mountain (and vineyard!) views. I'd highly suggest giving Sue a call there!
  • Thank you! I just called her! She sounds very sweet,
    Thank you again for the suggestion
  • No problem! Hope everything works out for ya!
  • By the way! Sue is absolutely great. She calls you back immediately. I had to wait a few days for other venues to call me back. Not Sue. It is not that expensive and is perfect for a picnic or casual feel.
  • @2015Snyder yes, Sue is fantastic! She's very easy to communicate with, and she always emails me back within a day. I think it's a great venue (not that I'm biased) just because you can get formal and fancy or do a tent and casual. Did you make your decision yet?
  • Oh yeah! We booked it. It was the last available Saturday in September and it just so happened to be the weekend we wanted, too!!! We are going with the casual, picnic feel. The only things is the barn is kinda dull inside, so it will require additional lights. I am trying to brainstorm on incorporating lights in the centerpieces.

    Ladies, all other vienyard venues are asking @ $3500 for their venue just for the reception. This place was $1200!!! Sue is allowing us to take pictuers basically anywhere on the property. We get the inside barn and the outside pavilion. The pavilion is a massive porch connected to the barn. Very nicely done.

  • Awesome, congratulations! LOL! That is so funny, when we called originally last March, from Hawaii, the day he proposed - I knew what I wanted ;-) - they had 3 weekends left this year. I called back once we decided to book and they had 1...the last weekend in September! (4 days, woo hoo) Are you doing your ceremony there, too? I can send you pics once we have them if you send me your email.

    If you are interested - I may have our lanterns for sale after this weekend. My friend was considering using them for hers, but if you're interested, I'll ask her for a firm response.  Also, I got my votives on Amazon, best price I found - 72 including candle & holder.

    Agreed - I called probably almost every winery within about an hour's drive of Harrisburg and they were all at least $2k to rent without tables/chairs and ceremony was extra, up to around $4000 for Moon Dancer which I don't even think included a tent. Plus, I think Armstrong makes some of the best wine in the area!

  • [email protected]

     Funny thing, I just went to A.C.Moore because they had theirs half off! However, I would gladly return if it worked out. Feel free to email me pictures and any items you are planning on selling. it would be worth it for me to check them out.
  • Oh and no, the ceremony is going to be on the beach. Still trying to find the beach spot, though. We are looking in Delaware or Ocean City. Our plans are to go to Fagers Island or Mackys afterwards to spend the rest of the evening. Then we will just spend Labor Day weekend there, and then fly out for our honeymoon. We are planning on having @25guests for the ceremony. There is a campground (Delaware Seashore state park) that we are planning on reserving a few lots for the guests who want to camp. We can all hang out there for the weekend and cook out. Billy and I will stay in a hotel haha but the campground is a great way for us all to hang out for Labor's day weekend.

  • Assuming from your user name you're getting married there next September correct? You had said that, that was the last Saturday available that year and I just wanted to confirm that. I live about 5 minutes away from the winery and I was going to check it out but if there's nothing available for next September I won't waste my time in calling.
  • I was told it was the last; however, you may still want to call. Sue is awesome and very quick in giving you responses.
  • @chelsea1013 they give a discount for Friday nights, if you're not set on a Saturday, fyi
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