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Wedding gifts already started arriving

Hey all! Holy cow time is flying by!! Us Oct. 12 brides have exactly 37 days, I can't believe it.  So we're already starting to get some wedding gifts, as well as some bridal shower gifts (my shower's Sept. 20th) should I send out thank you cards as I get them? I know traditionally you're supposed to send thank you cards within two weeks of receiving the gift, however we were planning on taking one of our wedding photos and making that our thank you card, and then writing on the inside.  So should I just save that for gifts received during and after the wedding and then use other thank you cards for the gifts we're receiving now?? 

Thanks for the insight! 
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Re: Wedding gifts already started arriving

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    Definitely send thank you notes now! You may not have pro pics ready for WEEKS after your wedding so that means you're looking at thank you cards going out potentially over a month at least after the fact. Acknowledge the gifts now so you can at least get the thank you card checked off your list.

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    Do the Thank You cards now.  I know through my photography they told me 4-6 weeks before I get pictures back so they only other pictures I'll have are the ones my guests take.

    If you wanted to do your wedding pictures as a card, I would save it and do like a 'Christmas card/wedding announcement' type of thing.  For the Thank You cards, either order something that matches your invites or just somewhere like Target and pick up a bunch from there.

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    We got our first gift today as well. We haven't opened it because FI didn't think we should and so he left it at his parents where it was shipped. I told him we needed to open and send a thank you note so he's going to get it at some point this weekend.
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