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Hey! We are getting married October 10th in Northern Arizona. The wedding venue is a large cabin and can sit close to 180 very tight... We were originally expecting around 120 which would have fit perfectly with a dance floor inside. We just got all of our RSVPS back and now we are now expecting just over 150 with dates and people coming that we didn't expect. We are glad everyone can make it however now we are having a hard time figuring out how to fit everyone plus a dance floor. In the evening the temperatures are expected to be anywhere from 50-30 degrees. Do you think that it would be too cold to sit some people outside with a heater or put the dance floor outside also with a couple heaters? I think it will but I'm just not sure what else to do! 

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    Does your venue have a coordinator your could speak with and ask them about the layout options. I would put the dance floor outdoors before I seated my guests outdoors. Is there any way you could even put the sweetheart table on the dance floor and have it moved off after dinner?

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    Where we are getting married isn't an actual wedding venue so not really. I agree about the dance floor being outside before the guest. We also aren't doing a sweetheart table or a head table and were just going to sit at the other tables but, I think the only options would be moving the dance floor outside or moving tables after dinner then using that area as a dance floor.
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    We are also tight on space. We will be putting some tables on the dance floor, then moving them before the dance begins. I've seen this at many weddings before. 

    Our wedding coordinator suggested putting college friends at those tables - people who would be likely the first ones on the dance floor anyways.
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    Could it really be 30 degrees? There is absolutely no way you should have people seated outdoors at night if it's less than 60 degrees. Even with heaters it will be way too cold,
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    Our venue is going to be relatively tight with tables too. We plan to just shuffle a few tables when we're ready to start dancing.
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    We changed the tables from round tables to rectangle tables which will save some room actually! The caterer had the idea! The people have own the cabin suggested putting people on the patio with heater or putting the dance floor outside and we will not be doing either! The way we situated it will be moving 2 tables away which will be our friends and younger guest! I'm all for this idea now after talking to some people they suggest doing it when peoples attention is elsewhere... Now only to decide whether or not to get table runners for the longer tables or just stick to the table clothes!
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