Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Finally Married!

And will have pictures soon!

During our rehearsal, my cousin/MOH removed herself from the bridal party because she was offended that God was not included in my handfasting ceremony. She said she was a christian and cannot support me in this way. So, last minute we had to change some parts of the ceremony and the funniest part is my brother actually ended up walking me down the aisle..or beach.. after all! (I have some prior posts that explain the father/daughter debacle) After all that drama my brother put me through he still ended up walking me down the aisle. My family is so freaking crazy.

Also, I think as a result of the drama during the rehearsal combined with her being provided the incorrect set-up time, my officiant got pissed off and told me off on my wedding day while I was having my hair done. I apologized for communicating the incorrect start time and just told myself it doesn't matter what she thinks of me, its too late to fix anything now.

I had asked one of my bridesmaids who chose to stay at the same hotel we were having the reception at, if we could use their room for the groom to get ready in. We thought since his brother/groomsmen was also sharing the room with my bridesmaid we thought it may be a good opportunity for photos of the guys getting ready together. She said it would be fine and I told our coordinator to send up champagne, fruit, tea, water, and muffins. Turns out the groomsmen/brother got pissed off and told off my fiance on three separate occasions for using his room to change in. The groomsmen was particularly pissed off that I had sent up the snacks/drinks and the photographer up there. He knew about the photographer but I thought the snacks would be a nice surprise.

When I came to give the rings to our best man, I saw the angry groomsmen eating muffins and drinking champagne. I simply looked at him and said, "I see you are enjoying the refreshments sent to your room. Obviously, it wasn't that bad."

Anyway, everyone said they loved our ceremony because it was quick and simple. Our guests also said they enjoyed how the ceremony was different and unique. So, I am happy for that too. 

After the ceremony, everything went as planned and was absolutely perfect. People were clapping and cheering during our first dance and so I am sure it looked good. I also got into a dance off with a few of the guests where people were cheering. Hopefully, it looks just as good as the way I felt when we were doing it. 

OMG, the food was amazing and I am so glad we opted for the vegan option for our four vegan guests because it was one of the best entree options available at our buffet. The only problem with dinner was that everyone started doing these long-winded and impromptu toasts right before we sent folks out to dinner. I eventually had to take the microphone and give quick thank you speech and said now let's eat! I should have explained more clearly to  my DJ that it was just meant for the Men of Honor and the Best Man. Impromptu speeches only during eating.

The cake was beautiful and delicious! Was so worried about that damn cake but it was moist and perfect. Had some leftover so I took a lot home which is fine by me!

After everything was said and done, it was exactly how I envisioned it and everyone thanked me for hosting them so well. It really was a kick ass party that had rough beginnings but an awesome ending. 

Re: Finally Married!

  • Glad it all worked out in the end. Sorry you had a few hiccups, though! You probably should have made arrangements and cleared with BOTH people staying in the room that it would be ok to use their room to get ready in.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    At this point, I don't care. They were both so rude to us from the beginning of this wedding planning to the actual day of celebration. 

    Anyway, my word of advice for future brides: Learn from my mistakes and take some serious and careful consideration when picking your bridal party. You want to make sure that when shit hits the fan, and trust me it will, this person will be there for you. 

    That is not to imply that you should expect anything from them beyond the basic requirements but know that they will be a friend to you when you need them to be a friend. 

    If I could go back in time, I would have chosen my party differently. Needless to say, so would my husband.
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