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Where Are You Planning/Thinking To Go For Your Honeymoon?

The FH wants to plan the HM and I am fine with that but I do want to drop a few hints.  I am all about sun and sand so any place offering balmy breezes, white sands, and luxurious accommodations gets my vote.  I want a seclusive, all-adult, private getaway type of HM without the big party atmosphere and I want the HM to last for 7 to 10 days and hopefully will include two locations.  Since September is hurricane season going to the Caribbean is not high on the list.  There is Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, and Bali but I am not too thrilled about getting on a plane for almost a day to get there but if one of these places is where my FH chooses then I'll be on the plane.  LOL!  


1.  What places are on your HM list?
2.  What type of HM are you going for? (e.g. private/secluded, adventure, eco, party-hardy, etc.)
3.  How long will your HM be?


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Re: Where Are You Planning/Thinking To Go For Your Honeymoon?

  • 1. What places are on your HM list? I really want to go to somwhere in the Pacific Ocean. Being an East Coaster with Caribbean heritage, I've been to the Caribbean quite a few times, so I want something different. My top places are Tahiti, Fiji, Bali. I'm also very interested in going to Thailand, spending a few days in Bangkok and then the majority of time in a resort area like Phuket. 2. What type of HM are you going for? (e.g. private/secluded, adventure, eco, party-hardy, etc.) Private/secluded. We just want really beautiful scenery, great food, and great accomodations. 3. How long will your HM be? Probably 2 weeks. My fiance wants to do 3 weeks, but that's too difficult to do with work and all. He's planning it, but I'm sending him hints ;)
  • @bellefemme12 - you sound exactly like me.  I am on the East Coast of Caribbean heritage as well (Jamaica and Trinidad).  I've been to the Caribbean multiple times myself but I can't get enough of it and my goal is to visit every island.  Right now I've got three under my belt so I've got plenty to go.  If September wasn't part of the Caribbean hurricane season that's where I'd be for my HM for sure.

    I am thinking Bali is where we will end up going for our HM.  My FH has been doing a lot of research on Bali lately.  Hmmm...we'll see.

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  • @island07b2b  I feel you.  The Caribbean is such a beautiful and diverse place!  Other places that are amazing are the French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast.  Both spots will be an anniversary trip eventually, lolol
  • island07b2b

    Wow where is that picture from? 

    We are looking at vegas and then hawaii (we have timeshares that cover both so will use that)

    Please tell me name of that picture oh wow
  • island07b2bisland07b2b member
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    It's the Sunset Water Villa at the Conrad Maldives Ragali Island.    :-)

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  • We really have no idea yet.
    We will more then likely be paying for our HM ourselves, and don't have a lot to spend.
    So we've talked about something like going to Banff/Jasper or somewhere in BC and staying in a luxury cabin.
    Something semi-private and nature-like to just relax and spend time together.

  • Salem, MA.  However, because of my teaching schedule, it won't happen right after the wedding.
  • We are still up the air about taking one right away or waiting a few months. It will depend on how much we spend on the wedding. We would be paying for a HM on our own. We are not thinking anything too extravagant..the next place on our list of places we want to go is Austin, TX, so we might go there for maybe 3-4 nights. 
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  • We are thinking Jackson Hole, Wyoming for fly fishing, float trips, Yellowstone, and a chuckwagon dinner of course! Never been out to the West and there are plenty of resorts in Jackson where you can stay in at the spa or go out and explore!
  • My FH travels for work and hates to fly anywhere far. The HM is all up to me, his only request is a shorter flight (under 6 hours) and the have to have coors light.  That cuts a lot of places out for us. 

    No clue where to go.
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  • Salem, MA.  However, because of my teaching schedule, it won't happen right after the wedding.
    We discussed somewhere out of this world like Hawaii, which I love because my mom spent some time as a child there and I'd love to visit her old home and get a picture for her.
    But, like ShannonLeigh1979, my teaching schedule and his work schedule won't allow for it to happen right after the wedding...I'm hoping we can go over winter break, if his days off line up right!
  • We are plabnning on going to the Amalfi Coast.  Planning on a 10 day HM, but ill prob break the trip up and not spend the entire time in AC.  We'll see! Since I'm doing everything else for the wedding, I'm leavig the HM research up to my FI. I'm just not great w travel planning
  • We have been talking about a two-week HM and taking a road trip up the east coast. Virginia, DC, Jersey, New York, Massachusetts.... I especially want to go to Salem!!! FH wants to go to Colorado on the last leg of the trip, but I'm thinking that's a looooong way to drive. Unless we take a train, which would be pretty cool, too.
  • I'd love to see the Caribbean even though hurricane season would weigh heavily on my mind. Initially I thought about Hawaii, but Mr. Selfieslob has only flown once (and for less than 2 hours total) so I feel like that would be too long of a flight for him since we live on the east coast. 

    I'm a beach bum and he's not, so we want a place that will give us time to sit on the beach doing nothing but also plenty of places to explore.

    I'm hoping the honeymoon will be 10 days, but it may be 7 depending on how much time off is available!

  • I'm in the same boat as you @selfieslob. I'd love someplace with a beach but FI wants "activities".  We looked at the Caribbean but you know, hurricane season. I'm in love with Bora Bora but its just way outside our price range. Toying with Hawaii but the flight is crazy expensive. 

    Let me know if you find something that works for you guys, it may be exactly what we're looking for too! 
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  • We're doing a 7 day HM at the Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort in Mexico. Ive never been anywhere out of the country but my fiance has been all over the Carribean. Mexico was a great value for us because we got a top notch all-inclusive resort for what I feel is a bargain compared to some of the other places we looked in the Carribean. I cant wait to plant myself on the beach for a week!

  • @jennyleigh16 Will do! As far as activities go, he's not much into golf but I know he'd love scuba diving and I enjoy long walks and such. I'm worried about the price of whatever we find but I look forward to the research. :)
  • We are risking it and going to a Sandals resort.  We are thinking Jamaica because the one resort has a private island and there are also a lot of off resort activites to do such as zip lining, fishing, hiking. Also, it sounds like there are a lot of party activities going on.  We want to go for about 10 days so we have time to lay around on the beach some days and go on excursions some days.  We haven't booked anything yet but Jamaica seems to be the most reasonably priced island and it doesn't take long to fly there from the east coast.
  • @mhoffman17 - I LOVE Jamaica. It's a fab place for sun and fun or whatever you are into.  

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • mhoffman17 - Are you thinking of Royal Caribbean?  I was just at that resort in March.  Some rooms are pretty noisy at night when we wanted some quiet time.  Some rooms are much better than others.  I can help if you pick that resort.

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  • My FI is now talking Belize.  Anyone look into it?  
    I am just surprised he wants to go that far.
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  • @ddoane We are looking at Royal Caribbean! The offshore island is pretty appealing. I was also looking at Montego Bay, too.  I will definitely keep you posted on which one we choose, so you can possibly give some advice before booking.  Thank you so much!
  • hello ladies,

    we are stuck as to where to go for the honeymoon. I heard September is hurricane season in the Caribbean so I'm afraid to go there but I really want hot sun and beaches and good Caribbean food. give me some ideas ppl....

  • @mhoffman the Montego Bay Sandals is in the Airports backyard.  I would scratch that one from the list.  Royal Caribbean's island has a nude beach if that appeals to you, we only stopped at the island once.  We spent most of our time in our pool - we had a swim up suite.  

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  • @lfbrowne - The ABC islands are out of the hurricane belt (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao).

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

  • @ddoane thank you! Good to know!  I don't want to listen to planes taking off all day.
  • We've been to Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica a couple years ago and absolutely loved it! We're thinking about going back.. We went at the very start of hurricane season then and they said that they rarely rarely ever get them. But you never know! Our bus driver told us that first thing when we picked us up from the airport that we shouldn't visit during that time. We might change it too and go back. Maybe to Negril this time.
  • We looked all over the Caribbean and the US and ultimately decided we wanted to just sit on the beach and eat and drink and explore a little so we went with Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My FH has never been outside the US (or on a plane) but I've been to Cancun before so I'm a little familiar with Mexico. We wanted to go a little cheaper route so we'd have enough money left over to buy new furniture for our house and with the mountains AND beach, Puerto Vallarta had everything we were looking for.
  • We are still trying to figure out what to do that isn't a billion dollars!  I'm happy about this thread - I now have some more places to look into ;) 
  • We wanted the best of both worlds- and since our co-owned business is a seasonal business (Sept-Dec are our crazy months- which is why we're doing the wedding the first weekend in September to get it out of the way and get back to work) we decided to do a little trip after the wedding to Disney for 4 nights- as we're Disney fanatics.  I guess that's the official honeymoon. In January we'll be going on a week long all inclusive trip that we personally consider the add on to the shorter honeymoon.  January is our month off so the only time we can take THAT much time off of work. We are leaning towards Punta Cana.  
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