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June 2015 Weddings

Can we discuss a pet peeve of mine?

I just went to a friend's wedding last night and 3 guests were in white. I know there's the argument, "It's not like you don't know who the bride is." Seriously though, as a guest, you are looking through your closet trying to find what you're going to wear, and you say "Hmmm, I think this WHITE dress is perfect" You can't find ONE other dress to wear to that wedding but a white one? I will say I don't mind one exception and that's when the bridesmaids are in white because obviously that's the bride's choice. What are your thoughts? 


Re: Can we discuss a pet peeve of mine?

  • I agree. It can't be that hard to wear ANY other color.
  • omg i agree....i think people do it on purpose
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  • Eh, in the summer sometimes you just think about the cute sundress you just bought, not that it's ivory. It doesn't phase me unless it's after labor day
  • I have been to a wedding where she requested us to be in all white.. I was like really...

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  • Well that's a little different. If she specifically requests if then I don't have a problem with it.

  • She did not stand out in pictures. She looked like a guest...

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  • larrygagalarrygaga Czechoslovakia member
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    It's pretty douchy, and I will judge whoever I see doing it.
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  • I am not very judgmental when it comes to the way guests dress, but I find that particular choice of wear to be such a faux pas. Save that beautiful white dress for another occasion and opt for a different color when it comes to a wedding. I always do my best to dress well and look great, but I feel like as a guest I will stand out in a positive way wearing another color vs. coming off completely attention-stealing in white.
  • Last fall I went to a wedding where the brides new step mom wore a white lace dress! Really?!
  • Amen! I had a girlfriend wear a white dress to my wedding. I specifically remember looking at her like, "WTF, really?" I'm with you, there isn't a single other dress in your closet you could wear?
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