It's all falling to s**t - probably need a new reception venue

I'm pretty sure that I'm cursed... 1. My dress came in and although it's gorgeous, it's about 3 sizes too big from the waist down and I'm freaking out slightly about finding a good alterations person who is semi-affordable and can fix this within the month. 2. I fractured my foot and had to change my shoes from heels to flats. (However, THANKS to the knotties who gave me fab shoe suggestions, I found a cute pair of flats.) 3. Biggest issue --- The manager at the reception venue (we're renting out a super cute restaurant that we went to on one of our first dates) has left and there's no new manager to take his place yet. Right...so the wedding is in about 4 weeks and the reception venue is all disorganized and there's no management. Apparently, the owner isn't really "hands on." We may not be able to get all or part of our deposit refunded, but honestly, I'm not sure that the restaurant really has it together at this point. (The current bartender "in charge" only remembers vaguelly hearing about our event from the past manager.) So now 1) we have no back-up reception site, and 2) the invites were already sent with the reception info. HELP!!! We need ideas on a back-up reception site. We need something in Portland for 60 people on a Saturday night in the beginning of August. It needs to be some place that can accomodate a late reception because we're having a late night cocktail reception with heavy hors d'ouerves. At this point, I guess that we'll have to be flexible about food, etc., but truthfully, most folks aren't gonna be down with a full meal at 9:30 or 10 pm. We'd prefer something not too "wedding-ish," preferably restaurants with private rooms, lofts, art galleries, etc. But then again, we're flexible. Also, how do we inform people about the change in venue? It's too late to have our invitation place make us matching postcards with the new venue info, since they were custom made out of state. We can update our website, but not everybody checks it. Should we call everyone on the guest list? Mail out non-matching postcards with the new info? Have the usher hand people maps to the new reception site, which again, won't match the invite and map set that we already mailed out? Please...if you have any words of consolation or advice I'd love to hear it...
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