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What to do about the cake when the ceremony and reception are in the same room?

Our wedding will be held in a large ballroom space, with the ceremony happening on one end of the hall, which will later on be the dance floor. My dilemma is trying to figure out our cake. 
We will be having cupcakes in lieu of a traditional tiered cake, and a small round cake for the groom and I to cut. I predict laying out all the cupcakes to be a rather time consuming and tedious task. It would be easiest to lay them all out prior to the guests arriving, but I hate the idea of the cake sitting out next to the guests while the guests arrive and the ceremony occurs. Thoughts? 

Should I assign a couple folks to do the cupcake arranging during the reception? But then we would have to deal with them having to navigate around guests, as the kitchen/ storage area is down a hallway, away from the large hall. 

Thank you for your input!

Re: What to do about the cake when the ceremony and reception are in the same room?

  • Set the cupcakes up at the other end of the hall. I'd just set them up prior. People love looking at tmstuff like that - it'll give then more time to do so. I think its a good thing.

  • On your wedding day the last thing you should be doing is arranging cupcakes!  Hire this job out for someone to do prior to the ceremony on the other side of the room. 

    This job is SUPER messy and time consuming!  I did it last year for DH's cousin's wedding and I started at 2:00 carrying them in and 4:45 when the guests were arriving I was just finishing/cleaning up.  I had gloves on but still got covered in icing.  NOT something I'd recommend for the star of the show!

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  • I wouldn't worry about it, just set them up and let them look pretty!  We had our dessert table (also cupcakes) set up during our cocktail hour and people loved it!  There were definitely a few that ate them instead of apps, but as long as they were getting eaten, I didn't care!
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    We had our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in the same room. The cake was already set up when guests arrived. It would have been impossible for the baker to come and set it up during the reception. We had it on a table near the appetizer table. 
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    I agree with PPs. I too had everything in one big room and the cupcakes were set up along the wall near the gift and guestbook tables. It was far enough away from the ceremony/seating areas so no one was bumping into them or anything. 
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    Agree w/ PPs, set them up ahead of time!  If you don't want people seeing the dessert out that early, can you set up the table in the back corner and just put up one of those small room dividers?
  • I agree with PPs to set them up ahead of time.

    We used the same outdoor space for both the ceremony and the reception. We had a dessert table with the cake on it, and covered it up with tulle until we were all ready for dessert to be served. 

    I kinda liked that people could see it before hand - it built up anticipation for dessert, which is our favorite meal.
  • just set it up on the opposite side of them but have someone else do it. you dont want to get covered in icing on your big day.
  • Can you lay it out on the table & have the table at a different area of the venue & have the staff lift & move the whole table for you to the desired location after the ceremony?

  • i went to a reception where they had cookies and pastries set up in the corner well those cookies and pastries did not make it to desert because guest were eating them before hand 
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