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Hey there Ladies,So I went to my final fitting and my dress is awesome, except that my boobs are enormous and are showing a little more than i'd like.  While I am trying to lose a little bit of weight in my chest and am toning up, which is going well, I still want my dress to stay up a little higher that it is now.Has anyone actually used double sided tape or any other trick to get their dress to stay in one place?  My friend suggested added straps to the dress, which I really don't want to be an option....any other suggestions?here's the dress:http://tinyurl.com/8nc3cmit falls on me pretty much where it falls on her, except that I'm now a size 4 with D boobs.Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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    zen, I was inthe same boat and took the advice of Kathi (who did my alterations) and purchased two-side wig tape from Sally's Beauty Supply. The stuff worked fantastic and my dress stayed close to my body and I didn't feel the least bit overexposed even when I bent down to hug people. Good luck...I'm sure you'll look beautiful.
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    I didn't use tape to hold my dress up, but rather to keep my ta ta's separated so i didn't have schmushy crack clevage. I would give JenPen's idea a try. Maybe put your dress on and jump up and down and dance for a while to see if it does the trick before the big day.
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    Thank you so much, ladies!!  I'm definitely going to try this out next week!  My friend keeps saying I should add straps, but I really, really don't want to, so hopefully this will work!!Thanks again!
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    Ditto on JenPen. Kathi suggested it since I lost too much weight before my wedding and I was worried about exposing myself, especially being around people taller than me. Since I'm under 5 ft, that was practically everyone at my wedding. It worked great, stayed all day, and I didn't notice it at all. It came off nicely too, which was great because I have sensitive skin. BTW- I don't recommend loosing too much weight between your last fitting and the wedding. I didn't do it intentionally, and I ended up having my dress retailored the day before the wedding. Kathi did a beautiful job, but definitely added to the stress.
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