What does "formal" attire really mean?

I’m going to a wedding this weekend for a family friend of my FI who I’ve never met and he isn’t close with. I just saw the website and it says formal attire. I think most people there will be in their 20’s so I assumed it would be laid back, but the reception is at a fancy country club in the evening. Most of my nice clothes are summer dresses. I was planning on wearing a wearing a bright colored knee length skirt with a cardigan but is that too casual? I have more formal and boring business clothes but nothing I’d want to wear. Any ideas? And does my FI have to wear a suit and tie? Thanks ladies.

Re: What does "formal" attire really mean?

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    Yes, your FI should definitely wear a suit and tie. And I think you would need to wear at least a nice cocktail type dress to be "formal" enough for a country club reception. Typically formal means at least suits and ties, dresses.
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    I'd opt for a cocktail dress or a longer party dress, and to me formal means at least suit & tie.  Sundresses probably won't be appropriate, but depending on the style they might be ok.
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    Formal wear = cocktail dress or something similar, a -dark- suit for your FI.
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