Use Catering by Laurie?

Hey thereI'm getting married in a few weeks and am using Catering by Laurie.  She's been incredibly to work with, but I was wondering if those of you who used her paid her more than the already included 17% gratuity?I was just unsure of whether I should be paying more of a tip to her than what was already included in my total cost.TIA!

Re: Use Catering by Laurie?

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    If she's including the 17% gratuity in her fee, anything else is strictly optional.  Pay the required amount when it's due.  Then wait and see how it goes on your wedding day, and if you feel like she goes above and beyond and does things so exceptionally well that you can't imagine having had the wedding without her, send her an extra gratuity after the wedding with a note thanking her.
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    She did an excellent job, but I think I only paid the 17%.  she hired on a special bartender for me (I wasn't hip to having her dad do it) and he was fantastic and quite the hit with my guests so we insisted he set up a tip jar because guests wanted to give him extra money.  I like what Felicity said though.  I should have given her more probably, I didn't even think about it.  I did send a thank you, but a little extra would have been nice too.
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