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hair for double veil

i am wearing a double veil and want to have my face covered til my dad gives me away. what is a good hairstyle that works with teh double veil. right now my hair is shoulder length but i am letting it grow longer for the wedding....IDEAS PLEASE
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Re: hair for double veil

  • Pretty much any hairstyle will work with a veil and blusher.  The only suggestion I have is that since you want to wear a blusher I would not placed the veil below/under your hairstyle.  It needs to be placed higher, slightly below the crown of your head for the blusher to really work.

  • I'm planning a veil and blusher as was one of the few things FI insisted on. So cute. Anyway, I'm going to wear my hair in a low bun of some sort. 

    Another style that looks really pretty with a veil is to have your hair down and curled into loose waves -- look up photos of Kate Moss on her wedding day.
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