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Has anyone purchased a great, not terribly overpriced, yummy, groom's cake in the Harrisburg/Lancaster area?  We're at the Cork Factory so I'll ask their baker who's doing our wedding cake for an estimate but I need some more suggestions!  I love PA Bakery but I don't want a Marvel or soccer themed cake looking like a child's cake!!  thanks!!

Re: Groom's Cake

  • I'm also getting married at Cork Factory and have been looking for someone for a groom's cake too!  So far I've contacted Oregon Dairy (it was out of my budget), SweeTreats Cake Boutique (wasn't available for my date), and am planning to call Sweet Confections next.  

    If you find anyone else I'd also be interested in knowing!
  • We are using Alixe at The Flour Child for our cupcakes, and I would highly recommend her for any baking needs! She's very affordable and moreover, the girl has talent and is an excellent baker. I can't wait to eat our cupcakes!
  • The Couture Cakery in Lemoyne did my wedding cupcakes, which were part of our venue package, but I also had her do a groom's cake, which I thought was reasonably priced. She can do all sorts of designs/items, and her cake (and buttercream) is delicious!
  • I second Sweet Confections.  They're part of my package at the Park Inn.  I met them and sampled some at a bridal show. They are so nice and so yummy.
  • Couture Cakery, SweeTreats, or Crumbcoat are some of our faves
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