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Any Advice for Beach Wedding in TX (in Dec)

Hi y'all.  Due to crazy job developments, I've had to move my wedding up from June of next year (which was going to be a huge, fabulous affair), to Dec this year. At first I was freaking out because it's only a couple months away.  Trying to book something during the "holiday season" was nerve wracking and to make it worse I'm military so he's in TX and I'm on the east coast.  Somehow we stumbled on a company that does cost-effective beach weddings not far from where my fiance lives. Since time is short and I couldn't find a dress off the rack, I'm going to use one of my ball gowns from something else.

What have you seen work (or not work) at a beach wedding?

If you all would allow me one philosophical thought: Sometimes when things go wrong, it's really for the best. I was making myself sick trying to plan the big summer wedding. I was going to be "family and postion bound" to invite all kinds of folks I didn't want there and the costs were getting to be exorbitant. 
I was not excited at ALL for the big, formal wedding we were going to have but THIS I am sooo excited for!   Yes it's Dec so it will be cold, but everything about this option makes my heart happy.  Hopefully I'll still say that AFTER the ceremony! 

Just wanted to

Re: Any Advice for Beach Wedding in TX (in Dec)

  • I'm confused by your post. Are you asking if wearing one of your ball gowns is appropriate for a beach wedding? If so, I think it depends on the dress. You can wear whatever you want but some dresses look better with certain venues than others. Do you have a photo? 

    Also, you said you're doing a beach wedding in December. I just googled average temperatures for Galveston and Corpus Christi (not sure where you're thinking). It's not that warm if you're guests are native southerners. I think it could be too cold for most people. That and possible rain. What is your plan B?

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    Was just looking for ideas from real folks. Many of the "plan a beach wedding" articles seem too artificial. I'm thinking of wearing the ball gown simply b/c it looks great on me. But it's super flowy (full chiffon skirt) and I'm worried the beach will be too windy, so I'm still trying to find something else. You are right about the temps (Galveston ave temps L47-H64 in Dec) so good thing it's going to be a short ceremony. I'm probably the only one who will be cold- everyone else is either from up north or they are polar bears at heart. I joked w/my fiance that I will probably wear a big coat right up to the ceremony site and remove it only for the ceremony. He joked that shorts and sandals sounds about right for him. Plan B (move indoors) is built into the contract (thankfully), though I hope we don't have to use it. (trying to edit b/c my paragraph breaks aren't coming through)
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    Ok, I think I know more what you're looking for - just general advice.

    So your dress sounds really pretty and I think it's cool you're willing to reuse one you already have. Kudos to you! If you expect it will be windy, I'd go with no veil and a tighter updo. You can find a pretty hair piece to dress it up. Try Etsy. 

    As far as the venue, it's really good you have a Plan B baked into your contract. I really think you should set limits. So obviously if it's raining, you initiate Plan B. But you also need to consider temperature. Even if it's just a short ceremony, it's not cool to make people sit outside in sub-60 degree temp, for example. Also, make sure your venue is supplying chairs.

    I'm not sure how many people you're thinking about having, but it's a good idea to have sound, too. Especially for a beach wedding since the waves and gulls can be so loud. There's nothing worse than sitting through a ceremony where you can't hear anything. Since you're working with a venue, I'd ask them about this. Or have your DJ bring a wireless mic and speaker outside, then move it inside for the reception.

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  • As a native Texan, I honestly have never been to a Texas beach wedding.  Our beaches just aren't that pretty.  December is a tricky month weather-wise.  There have been years where we go Christmas shopping in shorts, and there are also days of flurries mixed in. 

    Also, what part of December are you looking at?  Which beach?  Have you signed a contract yet?
  • @sarahbear31 you are right - TX beaches aren't the prettiest.  Especially when I've been spoiled by Destin, St Pete and other FL beaches.  Galveston and CC are both brown. I was so disappointed after 10 hr drive to CC (heard the beach there was AWESOME) and it was just as brown as Galveston or Biloxi.  But we can't afford FL, so Galveston (which is an easy drive from my man's house) will have to do.

    @southernbelle, it's funny you mention the equipment: the contract firmly states if there is any threat of rain or too great wind the Plan B will be used so as to prevent damage to their sound and photography equipment. Reads to me like that's a pretty significant chance of happening if they have to mention it.
  • I'm getting married in Galveston this December too, so I thoroughly understand the frustrations of not knowing whether you'll be inside or outside.  We've got it worked out with our reception venue that we can use a part of the space for the ceremony if necessary, and we can make that call as late as the morning of and they'll still have time to get it all set up and ready for us in time for the ceremony.  Here's to hoping we will both have warm, sunny days with little wind for both of our weddings!

    And in regards to the ball gown - go for it.  You've got to feel comfortable, and I have seen several beach weddings with the bride in a beautiful, full ball gown.  My dress isn't quite a ball gown, but it's certainly more full and formal than I had originally planned on but the moment I tried it on I fell in love and the price was the best of anything I was look in at.

    Have you decided on a bakery for your cake yet?  My fiance and I haven't decided, and I would gladly welcome suggestions!
  • Well here's a new development... there was a coworker of mine who was really looking good so I went over there to compliment her on her appearance.  She was talking to someone else about all the weight she lost and turned out the other women had also lost weight and was very frustrated no one wanted her size 16 wedding dress.  She'd divorced a couple years ago and was trying to get rid of it.  So for $100 I got an amazing dress with crystal bodice, strapless (but still enough coverage for this church gal), and a full tufted skirt with beadwork in each of the tufts.  Ah-ma-zing.

    Plus the skirt is a ton of layers so not only is it very structured (won't blow around as much as my ball gown would have) it perfect for outside in Dec (I was sweating under that thing- will keep me warm)

    Cake?  Ummm... we hadn't got that far yet!!  I'm hoping there will be grocery store with decent cakes... get a simple round cake for the "cut the cake pictures" and then have a sheet cake (or, since it's a small crowd, a couple other store prepared cakes) served by the restaurant.  If not, we might seriously just the cheesecake that comes with our meal.

    The original plan (when it was going to be a summer wedding in Mobile) was to use Publix.  I have in my notes for Galveston that someone recommended "Patty Cakes Bakery" but I haven't been there.

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