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Wedding performer songs??? Help

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Hi all, I have asked this question on the main Knot forum and all I got back was an annoying amount of snarkiness (apparently wedding performers are "super tacky").

So I ask you... my fiance's sister is a beautiful singer (visit for her stuff, Take Me Home is a personal fave, although super not wedding-friendly. Hopefully I'm not breaking rules by posting that link), and he wants her to perform during the ceremony. I'm more than okay with this because I think everyone will love it.. buuut we are at a total loss for what she should sing. We want something non-generic, with a good acoustic feel.. I saw the thread about first dance songs and thought you guys might have some recommendations for ceremony songs. The Luckiest by Ben Folds (or Ben Folds Five? I lose track) has been suggested and turned down by the man. I have a personal attachment to "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash, so I thought that might be an option?? I think she could do good things with that. 

Thoughts?! Thank you in advance! 

(also sorry if this posts twice, this website has been goofy for me today)  Also edited for paragraphs, I can't win.

Re: Wedding performer songs??? Help

  • I read the previous thread, but I think I have an idea!  Why don't you guys dance to her song during the reception?  She's involved and it isn't "Cheesy ceremony" though I honestly don't think it's cheesy.  Like you said in the other post, the song denotes the cheese, not the act of singing.

    I'm not the perfect person to ask, since I get uber uncomfortable when people sing live (and I am not sure why).

    Sorry I am not more help, but I'll keep my ears open!
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  • I was thinking she could sing while my bridesmaids are walking in? So it's not like we're all sitting there staring at her sing, and he and I are standing there awkwardly or something? But she's still involved and it personalizes a little bit. That's where I'm at now, still at a loss for the actual song though.
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    My friend was a music major at her university, and some of her bridesmaids were vocal performance majors (beautiful voices). One sang a hymn during their "sand ceremony" after the vows, but the hymn was too long compared to the ceremony, and they were standing around waiting for her to finish singing (it was a little awkward). The other friend sang their first dance during the reception; honestly, I ended up paying more attention to the performance than the dance. Personally, I'd shy away from a performance, but if you and FI really want to do it, I agree with having her sing as your bridesmaids (or even you) walk down the isle. What about Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol? ETA: ate my paragraphs
  • Ooh I like this one.  I hadn't thought of it but I bet it would work!  

    And I agree, I sort of think the only "right" time would be as the wedding party is coming in, before I come in.
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